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ATiger fort eco Resort (Agro Tourism) is a perfect place to find inner peace & Harmony.

As you move away from Nagpur just 46 km, there lie’s a world that moves you to a different time. The Tiger Fort Eco Resort itself lies near the Pench forest in a region that is one of the top biodiversity in Maharashtra. It offer idyllic weekend gateway for all types of travelers. Far away from the chaos of tourist crowds, it offer sweeping view of Khekaranala (lake) nearby and luxy Greenery of Pench forest thereby providing you with the best value to relax and unwind from the hectic pace of cities .

It is place that inspires inner transformation allowing you to appreciate the gift of the earth and what is mean to live simply in keeping with spiritual eco friendly principles. This is not just a retreat it is a living embodiment of a way of life. The Resort is equipped with 5 stay rooms,1swimming Pool,1-conferenceHall,Garden,Beautiful Shelter for cows & horse ridding and many more amenities and adventure activities ensuring a comfortable stay.

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